Brighton, UK

(By Moonshine)


(By Moonshine)

Still Standing

(By Moonshine)

Sussex Trailed

(By Dante)


(By Moonshine)

Black Dog

(By Dante)




(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine


Hold Up

Apes in Adidas

Humans are the greatest

We are the peak of all life on earth

But the highest peak only exists

In the land of my birth.

The thing that makes us beautiful
Is that we can think before we act
And use our infinite capacity
To ignore uncomfortable facts

If you can’t fry it, fight it or fuck it; then forget it.

Nothing else is worth it, you see.

If I can’t bake it, bash it or bonk it; then balls to it.

My primal drives are all I’ll ever need.

We are so noble in achievement
And intellectual pursuits
Especially when building bombs
Or anything cool that shoots

We’re the top of the ladder
We laud the liars and shoot the wounded
Before any you, there will always be me.

If I can’t soup it, shoot it or shag it; then shove it.
My drives are my rights, you see
If I can’t grill it, garotte it or grind on it, then give it up
It’s all about my exceptional-ity


If I can’t roast it, rend it or roger it; then reject it
If I can’t heat it, hack it or hump it; then hurl it
If I can’t chew it, choke it or chorizo it; then chuck it
Oh yes, we’ve all come so far,


Apes in Adidas

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