Brighton, UK

(By Moonshine)


(By Moonshine)

Still Standing

(By Moonshine)

Sussex Trailed

(By Dante)


(By Moonshine)

Black Dog

(By Dante)




(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine


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Basic Training

Did you care to know her story?

Did you look into her eyes?

Did you know that she was deeply loved?

Could you care enough to learn why?


When your speeding, four-ounce hammer

Powdered her living bone,

Did you ever stop to wonder

What you were doing in her home?


Did he tell you his proudest moment?

Did you know he thought himself quite plain?

Did he tell you of his first heartbreak?

Would you have understood his pain?


When that hydrostatic shock-wave

Ended all his ‘afters’ and ‘befores’,

Did it ever cross your mind

Who you were doing all this for?

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