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Because They Hate Our Freedom and Democracy.

Three times.

Three times, in the space of one radio programme, I heard elected officials describe the latest terror attack in London as being motivated by the perpetrators’ hatred/envy of our ‘Freedom‘ and our ‘Democracy‘.


I don’t know which to acknowledge first – my insulted intelligence – or the worrying certainty that the average punter, without a critical-thinking cell in their body, will eat that bullshit up.

But, hey, it feeds the consistently growing hate narrative while pre-excusing the next tranche of freedoms we will be asked so surrender in order to preserve our already consistently shrinking freedoms. 

And guess what…? (From 3:20)

The irony is, if these terrorists truly do ‘hate our freedoms’, aren’t we, in fact, playing right into their hands by all the freedom-curbing legislation that Maggies’ Clone, May, has already enacted and is now proposing?


And, again, all ‘perps’ were killed.

Are we fully conditioned to this now? Is it now understood to be the norm that all perpetrators are shot to death on sight/site? Is this the established MO, now? It certainly appears to be.

And, yeah, dammit, the bastards had it coming! What? You think we should go EASY on those murdering scum now? You a sympathiser or somefink? Kill ’em all and let the virgins sort ’em out is what I say!


Well, no.

Maybe I missed the memo, but I’m sure there was a time when it was considered more useful in terms of subsequent investigation that perps were apprehended as alive as possible so that they could be more easily interrogated as to their motives, suppliers, contacts, sponsors, etc.

It’s not like most people will want to do anything more than just lie down wince for a while if their legs have a couple of 9-10mm bullets in them. Or how about those new tasers? Even better.

Am I wrong, or isn’t leg shooting part of training any more?

After all, historically, dead perps have proven extremely resistant to questioning.


Now, apparently, we just ‘wet’ them on the spot and subject the victims’ relatives to months’-long, drawn-out, sporadic news announcements about the progress of the investigations – the raid of a house here, arrests for questioning there… ‘latest developments’ …’ongoing investigations into x have revealed’…


Incapacitate the guy and you can have him singing like a canary within a week, surely. No interminable hunts; no torturous lack of closure for grieving families.


I’m not going to pretend to know the situation the police officers faced this time. I’m not going to second guess what split-second calls they had to make on the spot. But this was three guys with knives vs a number of firearms.

I’m certainly not ‘dissing’ the police response in general. Tough job; tough calls to make. I get it.

But, I keep thinking:

A ‘kill’ shot is, generally, torso or head. If you miss in a crowded, panicked scenario, there is a chance the shot will hit a bystander at the same level, risking an innocent fatality.

A shot to the legs lessens the risk of fatality to bystanders. Yes, I acknowledge that ricochets are a risk but, surely, of the two options, the pay-off/risk equation for incapacitation is better?

And yes, I also acknowledge that, in the case of perps dressed in explosives, shoot to kill is the only viable option.

So, perhaps, arguably, for reasons of public safety, the perps needed to be executed outright. It’s possible.


What I am saying is that this is a response appears to have become the norm, now. Terrorists attack; all terrorists end up dead at the scene.

Every. Single. Time.

Not only is this, in my opinion, deeply suspicious and, furthermore, contrary to the laws of chance, it also hampers clear investigation and, dare I add, denies the suffering public the chance to witness the perpetrators put through our much vaunted judicial processes.

I find it hard to believe that in, say, even the last half dozen incidents, not one terrorist survived initial ‘arrest’.



So, back to ‘motive’.

I mean, really…?

This is what we’re going with now, is it?

They hate our ‘Freedoms’. They despise our ‘Democracy’.


For the record I condemn any and all persons responsible for, or complicit in, destruction of innocent lives. I naturally include in this, lives utterly destroyed by the violent death of loved ones.

Either victim, or one whose life is shattered by their loss, there is no greater crime to countenance that I can think of.


The level of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ we actually enjoy is a whole other discussion, but I can’t get my head around the puerile notion being put forth that some ‘Johnny Foreigner’ wakes up in the morning and thinks: “Those bastards over there are way too Free and Democratic for my liking. I hate that. I’m going to go over there and die getting as many of them as I can before they get me. Ha ha! No more freedom for them!.”


Does it disturb you, dear reader, as much as me that grown-ups with governmental responsibility are vomiting up such garbage. I haven’t encountered such infantile crap since comic books like Victor and Eagle were all the rage. (“For our Freedom! Take that, Fritz! Dakadakadaka!” )


Maybe the people who indulge in such hate-filled killing get this hate from somewhere else, then?

But what could possibly spur another human being to willingly visit such horror on other, innocent human beings?

Misguided religious/political zeal is always a contender.

As is a drive for vengeance.

A combination of any of the above would probably yield a certainty.


Also, the psychotic disregard for human life in pursuit of power and and personal gain will always be a ‘definite’ but such souls never put their own lives at risk and, therefore, belong to a rather different category of ‘terrorist’.


Put it this way: If I witnessed my son or daughter lose their life in an act of indiscriminate violence and I was offered the resources and opportunity to return to those I knew to be responsible, (be they individual or state), the level of pain I felt, I doubt, being only human, I would turn the chance down very easily.


I believe we learn Good and Evil. How we engage with the world as we progress through life is a learned process. New-borns are neither bad nor good – they are truly innocent and, often, cute bundles of needs and responses soaking up their environment like a sponge.

As we encounter experiences, influences and examples, we see the results these yield and choose, consciously and unconsciously, which to adopt and which to discard in each of life’s moments.

Parents, teachers and leaders of whatever kind (religious, political, media) are huge influences to the majority of individuals. Enormous responsibility rests on their shoulders.


The only time violence will NOT beget violence is after the last two people have fought to the death.


Dissembling about the real causes of, motives and reasons for the violence without taking responsibility for our own part in the birth of this hideous cycle is a profound insult to those who have been lost to it on any/either ‘side’.

It is the huge, dead, rotting elephant stinking out the room.


Unfortunately, those who encourage, applaud, sponsor and instigate the violence are, too often, the ones sitting back, watching the show from a safe distance, (clutching their betting slips).


The only way to end violence is to stop indulging in violence as a solution to violence.


And a good start would be to make war less profitable to those with, not just their fingers, but their entire arms-up-to-their-elbows in the pie.

  1. bhmd57.combhmd57.com08-03-2017

    We will come together to strengthen our intelligence capabilities to know the plans of terrorists before they act and to find them before they strike.

    • W.S. DanteW.S. Dante08-20-2017

      Thank you for your comment.
      A perfectly sound strategy, I agree.

      My point is that this does not necessitate the creation of a totalitarian surveillance state and, furthermore, your very valid suggestion would be made considerably easier to pursue if we weren’t actively creating the extremist breeding grounds to begin with.

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