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Still Standing

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Sussex Trailed

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Black Dog

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With My Buddy

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Bucket All!

People are extremely complex.
But, let me simplify things a bit according to ‘The Book of Dante’.
Today, we are being sponsored by World of Buckets ™.

Humans are, in default form, just big, over-flowing buckets on legs with dreams, chemicals, impulses, needs, addictions, thoughts, opinions, fears, bigotries, ambitions, emotions and instincts slopping around inside and splashing unwary passers-by.

Sometimes, people welcome being splashed; sometimes they don’t.
Sometimes, people would rather you kept your fluids to yourself but, occasionally, people want to virtually bathe in each other.
(I guess that’s why they call it ‘mingling’).
The analogies are almost endless.
There are people who bound through life, not giving a monkey’s arse who they splatter as they go by.
There are people with tight lids on, who tread, oh-so-carefully, trying to avoid giving anything away.
There are people with tight lids on who know for a fact that they have the mixture absolutely perfect and will stubbornly, even violently, protect themselves from any further contamination.
There are vampire buckets, covered by one-way membranes that take – but never give away.
There are hol(e)y ones that scattergun all around them trying to fill what others have lost with their own brand mixture.
There are those who would like to homogenise all of us into a precise, measured mix of their own devising while retaining their own, unique recipe.
Alternatively, there are those who might respectfully offer to share and swap in a simple quest for understanding and the discovery of new and interesting formulae.
You get the picture, I’m sure.
I would like to think I resemble the last.
In honesty, however, I have been many all of the above at one time or other.

So, I wonder, welcome reader, what kind of bucket are you, today?

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