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Cui Bono?

From Fox News:

The U.S. military halted its air raid against the Islamic State terror group in eastern Syria after learning it struck the Syrian military, a U.S. Central Command official confirmed. The CENTCOM official said the U.S. military was “certain” about the outcome of the strike. Officials had been watching these forces “for a few days” thinking they were ISIS.”


So, let me get this straight.

We are repeatedly told that the US intelligence service/apparatus is second to none. The technology at their disposal is far and above the most efficient in the world. Nothing gets by those staunch defenders of ‘freebomb’ and ‘demonocracy’. They could tell you what Kim Jong Un had for breakfast and how many times Putin scratches his nads in any given 24hr period.

Furthermore, their military surveillance and covert agencies can, allegedly, pinpoint and track not just any individual in the world but know, beyond any doubt, their thoughts, intentions and potential for ‘future-crime’.

Once this proclivity is established, their response, (especially performed by their oh-so-discerning drones), is infallibly precise and ‘surgical’, leaving innocent bystanders standing in a shower of scented rose petals, overcome by awe, respect and gratitude for the timely intervention of the champions of universal love, fairness and global unity.

So, how does this heavily propagandised image of U.S. efficiency gel with the fact that U.S. F-16s and A-10s, (and let’s not forget, British (Bitch-ish) drones), bombarded a target they had been watching ‘for days’ for a period of around an hour before realising: ‘Oopsie, we made a boo-boo. We thought they were I.S. fighters.’?

Is it a coincidence, then, that the dozens who died, and the scores of injured, were holding back ‘rebel’ forces, (for the most part created, supplied and trained, let’s not forget, by the CIA), from a strategic position outside Aleppo? That this ‘mistake’ shattered a ceasefire that was meant to facilitate aid to reach the citizens of that city?

So, two possible conclusions then:

Their military/intelligence/security apparatus is actually shit.

And/or the action was planned and deliberate.

I could go on but, right now, I’ve reached the ‘what’s the point?’ point.

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