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Still Standing

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Sussex Trailed

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Black Dog

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(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine


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If, Then

When you findy’self getting wet outside,

It’s probably ‘rain’.

When your nerves are screaming, full-on, at you,

It’s probably ‘pain’.

When a ball just dives for the ground,

That’s ‘gravity’.

When you’re told, “Go ahead, now, help yourself…”

It’s most likely ‘free’.

When a preacher call for blind faith,

He means ‘abort reason’.

When a leader calls for peace,

Expect ‘open season’.

If you are told what not to read,

Make sure that you read it.

If corporations survey your land,

It won’t be to ‘free’ it.

If you disagree with something said,

You’re free to challenge it.

And if a tantrum’s what you get in response,

Then, don’t even acknowledge it.

If you’re spied on by those ‘chosen’ to serve you

Then give ’em a show.

That way, they know that we know,

that they know…

what we ‘really’ know.

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