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It’s a Miracle!

Mankind is never going to know his origins, his meaning or his purpose until he stops making shit up.
This includes lack of objectivity in scientific enquiry as much as it does the cultivating of certainty in the existence of a super-powered, omniscient, parental entity who governs everything.
Here’s a thought…
Let’s imagine that there actually is no intrinsic meaning or purpose to our existence. What if we discovered that we really were alone. What then?
Don’t get me wrong. I am not, personally, suggesting that this is the case. I don’t pretend to have knowledge of any big, universal “Truth” – How could anyone honestly claim that?
But, what if the fact that we have only ourselves to rely on is precisely what we need to discover before we can truly, honestly and finally achieve true potential.
What would happen?
How would we cope?

Would we hide beneath the comfort blankets? The blankets we wove from the certainty that we were oh, so very ‘special’ , ‘exceptional’ and ‘significant’, vainly hoping that the scary facts will go away?
Or would we drop all the comforting, selfish delusions, grow a pair of “testovaries” and set about forging our own meaning and purpose.
Better still, what if that was actually the path we were supposed to be on before we prematurely declared ourselves so evolved and enlightened.
I mean, look around…
Can anyone claim that mankind is the best it can be?
Can anyone, hand on heart, describe us, as a species, ‘enlightened’?

To an outside observer, I think we probably appear to be nothing more than petulant, selfish toddlers throwing tantrums in a sandpit;
“That’s my bucket!”
“I was here first!”
“She won’t share!”
“He threw sand at me!”
All the petty ganging-up, treachery, bullying, teasing, snatching and accusations…
Perhaps we will have grown up when we stop pointing our fingers at everyone else and saying: “But, he started it!”

All of us need food and water to maintain our physical existence. We also need to nurture our spirits and expand our capacity for sanity, empathy and rational thought or we will descend into…
Well, like I said before, just take a look around.

If we choose to exist in a climate of continuous avarice and paranoia, progress can be difficult.
But, think about it for a second:

Is it not fair to say that, if given the option, people would overwhelmingly choose peace over war, love over hatred, kindness over cruelty, generosity over greed?
Sane creatures would, surely, wish to be thought of as the source of these things as well as being a recipient.
Every one of us wants the rest of us to be kind to us, to value us as a member of a community consisting of billions of equally valuable lives, qualities and talents.
Genuine acts of caring, helping, understanding, honouring and loving reward the giver as much as the receiver. We all know this, don’t we?
Don’t we all know this in our heart of hearts, at our very core.

On the other hand, we all know that acts of aggression, greed, destruction, theft and dishonesty separate us, entrench us and often lead us to respond in kind and, therefore, perpetuate the cycle.
Those who choose these negative paths on the global stage often justify them as necessary, ‘evil’ actions taken to create ‘good’ – to clear a mythical space for those who want to live in peace to do so.
It is almost  as if they are selflessly sacrificing their own ‘goodness’ for the benefit of the rest of us. Yet, it is not they, but those convinced by, or drafted into, this skewed reasoning, who pay the ultimate price while they, themselves, place laurels on their own brows and humbly bow before their adoring, grateful supporters.
And, of course, their own masters.

In a world so abundant with resources, we panic that we don’t have enough – we fear that if we don’t grab more than we need, those guys over there will hoard it all and, somewhere down the line, we’ll be left with nothing.
So, we have to seize the advantage and become hoarders to prevent ‘them’ seizing the advantage and becoming the hoarders.
What, then, does that make us?

We wallow in our fears, suspicions, envy and paranoia about those ‘other guys’ who will take advantage of us if we start acting ‘soft’.
But, can it not be said that an act of trust takes far more courage than an act of aggression?

So, could you be the one brave enough to break the cycle? Do you have the courage to “be the change”…?.
Drop the stone from your clenched fist and have the courage to stand with your arms open.
Stop believing self-serving narratives and listen. Really listen.
Choose to begin with: “How can I help?” instead of “What do you want?”
Stop looking for concealed weapons and start looking into eyes.
How about we all stop talking about the whole of mankind having a common origin and start actually living from that perspective?
With every single individual you meet today.
From this very moment on.

If you want proof of how a single, simple act can alter the world then try this:
When the very next stranger crosses your path, or appears on your TV screen, no matter who they are or where they are, *believe*… really, truly believe with all the belief you can muster, that he or she is of your own flesh and blood – perhaps a parent, sibling or child with needs and dreams, fears and worries very similar to your own.
I guarantee that, 99 percent of the time, an amazing thing will then happen:
You will be absolutely correct.
How’s that for a miracle?

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