Brighton, UK

(By Moonshine)


(By Moonshine)

Still Standing

(By Moonshine)

Sussex Trailed

(By Dante)


(By Moonshine)

Black Dog

(By Dante)




(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine



Legacy Song (Lyrics)

So much change that time can bring;
We breathe through dark and light
So much wrong and right.

So much a ticking clock reveals;
What you thought was stone
turning into foam.

But when my time has come to leave
When what will be has come to be
I leave something here of me
Look in my songs and you will see

Life is not about certainty
A one-time lover will twist the knife
A one-time stranger may save your life

There is no shame in falling down
We can’t win every fight
It doesn’t mean might was right

But when the time has come to sleep
When my heart tires of the beat
I’ll leave a part that you can keep
Here are my songs- they’re all me.

So when it’s time for me to go
And there are things you’d like to know
Or if you turn around and I have gone
You will find me in my songs



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