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Doll Leg

Merry Christmas (War Ain’t Over)

Another modest Yule rewrite of the J. Lennon classic- soon to be Christmas a No.1… and Boxing Day No.2. (*phfft*) 

Recorded with the assistance of the wonderful Staff & Students of ATM College, Brighton. Bless ’em all 🙂


And so, this is Christmas,

And what have we done?

Made a killing in terror

And sold despots our guns.

Been shown a circus of psychos,

And believed we had to choose one;

Consented to slavery,

And learned to fear everyone.


Now, we celebrate Christmas,

Pretending we give a fuck

For the homeless and needy,

And the ‘shit-out-of-luck’;

For the starving and wounded

Or the children of war.

Go on and buy the new iPhone –

Try not to think any more.


So, let’s drink away Christmas

Share the fruits of our toil.

We are sisters and brothers,

While they spy on us all.

Let’s moon all the cameras,

Tell ’em all, “Go to hell!”

Ignore the sheep and the leeches;

Just look after ourselves.


War Ain’t over,

Till we say NO.

War ain’t over,

Till we wake up.

War ain’t over,

Till we say NO.

War ain’t over,

Till we give a fuck…


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