Brighton, UK

(By Moonshine)


(By Moonshine)

Still Standing

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Sussex Trailed

(By Dante)


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Black Dog

(By Dante)




(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine


Free Sheep

Mind the Gap in The Fence

We all know the promises, don’t we?

Those earnest, sincere declarations of how things will be made better.

How many years? How many decades, now? …Lifetimes, even?

“We will make this more efficient.”

“We’ll make that fairer for you.”

“Believe me, I’m here to save you from that other guy’s evil plans.”

Words are cheap  – and election time is the Black Friday and January Sale of the spoken word.

Election after election goes by. Are things better or worse?

The essentials of a healthy, functioning and inclusive society include:

Nutritious food and clean water

Hearth and safety

Mental and physical health and well-being

Unfettered access to learning and information

Freedom of thought and expression

Is it not true to say that, today, the availability of these staples of a meaningful life are increasingly dependent on wealth and social status?

We see around us now a society with no privacy. Technology even makes mind-reading possible, now. Will this nascent, very worrying technology be used, at least, to prove, as genuine, the stated motives of those who seek the power to make important decisions about millions of lives…?


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