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Still Standing

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Sussex Trailed

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Black Dog

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With My Buddy

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Has it Been a Century?


I heard you’d died;

Gave your fire and muscle

In a war so very crucial



I hear we lost you;

Gave what you could have been

For a world to be free


Maybe it’s better

It’s for the better…

That you don’t hear your names

Being taken in vain.


That you now can’t see

How faithless we have been, or


Witness our monitored lives

Under these poisonous skies.


Politicians striking attitudes

And dribbling their platitudes


And the world, now enslaved,

Yearly, spits on your graves.



What you fought against,

We have now become –

And a thousand lies

Eclipse your sacrifice.


Anguish and pain;

Blood for corporate gain.

Honour and bravery

Sold to a dark Industry.


And courage forced

To serve The Market’s cause.

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