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Still Standing

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Black Dog

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Nostra Culpa

Was that you?

The slave who chose their master?

Casting those dice, and voting,

Hoping to believe

Yet another deceiver?


Was that you?

Expecting all those pledges,

Hedged in red politi-speak,

(But reeking of oil),

To appear from barren soil?


Was that you?

Whose fear of ‘evil others’

Sends brothers to pointless demise?

Lies, rationalised,

Yielding profits, prophesied?


Is it we

Who will face our children’s ire?

Cast by our mad, myopic,

Entropic natures,

Into purgatory futures?

  1. William GenskeWilliam Genske05-28-2017

    Our children won’t be capable of real ire. It will have been an emotion long forgotten, while the programming works its magic. The ooze of mind control from every direction is being noticed, now that it is turning into a steady drip. Even the most comfortably asleep know something is afoot. So we must keep lifting the veil. Cheers for your work, I will be back.

  2. W.S. DanteW.S. Dante05-30-2017

    I think what you suggest is also an all-too-possible future if we don’t keep lighting the torches.

    Thanks for the input, William!

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