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Right for the Right Reasons

I learned early in life the falseness of the idea that ‘what goes around; comes around’, or that ‘what we give; we receive’.

It’s a comforting thought but not, in my experience, a realistic one.

Am I saying then, that altruism is pointless?

Absolutely not.

I am saying that kindness, offered with the expectation of any reward, is, at best, diluted.

This is rather like the common criticism of religious belief that asks who is more ‘moral’, he who does good works because of a promise of paradise?

Or he who does good because he feels/knows it is simply the right thing to do?

I am not personally indulging in delusions of ‘sainthood’ here,(anyone who has known me long enough would chuckle at that notion), but I try to be conscious of what repercussions my actions might bring and I try, at all times, to act from that awareness, out of an intention to be kind, honest and considerate to others.

You see, the operative word here is ‘try’.

I regularly fail to meet those standards, I admit that freely.

But I still try.

And, despite the kind acts I do accomplish, I would estimate that the ratio of return has been, and remains, consistently low.

But that’s not the point. And it should never be.

I believe a kind act *is* its own reward.

Acting from a centre of love, the expression of which is kindness, keeps our centre aligned, our spirit energised and our beings in balance.

When I know that my heart is right, I feel that ‘right-ness’ and can forge my path with greater confidence.

I am less likely to waver or feel those negative, energy-draining impostors of vanity, envy, greed, etc, because I am grounded in something I know is solid, genuine and, quite simply, right.

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