Brighton, UK

(By Moonshine)


(By Moonshine)

Still Standing

(By Moonshine)

Sussex Trailed

(By Dante)


(By Moonshine)

Black Dog

(By Dante)




(By Moonshine)

With My Buddy

By Moonshine



Shoot Me Up

You call into question

If I am sane

Don’t want mercury blood

Or a fluoride brain,

AGL from the skies,

Glyphosate crops,

Seems one way or another,

You’re shooting me up.


Nuking my head

While I talk on the phone.

Recording my life,

Even in my own home.

Mown down in the street

If I have the wrong look.

Yep, one way or another,

You’re shooting me up.


You own twenty homes

Yet, say the world’s overcrowded.

The truth would be out there,

If the media allowed it.

When food on the table

Comes down to sheer luck

It’s as clear as can be,

You want to shoot me up.

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