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Tell Me Again…

So, tell me, again, who the real ‘threat’ is.

Is it the girl whose melanin levels differ from yours?

Is it the guy who prefers something different to you with their genitals in the way of consensual, personal, sexual amusement.

Is it the child fleeing carnage perpetrated by your own country on his?

Is it the old guy who talks to a different sky-friend than yours once a week?

Is it the old girl who wants to be left alone to chill with her home-grown herbs rather than be forced to fill her veins with dangerous and expensive drug company chemicals?

Is it the lady who fell through the system’s cracks and huddles in a doorway every night selling the only thing she has left to barter with?

Is it the single man who just happens to hold a different opinion to you on an, essentially, irrelevant topic.

Or is it those who: 

Enslave you in debt, almost from birth,

Extort money from you regularly with threats of violence and abduction,

Use that money to send your sons and daughters to fight and die in foreign countries to boost the profits of banks and corporate speculators,

Dictate what you can see, hear or say,

Dictate whose version of history your children learn,

Use the threat of child abduction to ensure your child receives only state-approved education,

Micromanage your behaviour by imposing oppressive, arbitrary and unnecessary ‘rules’ of behaviour on you that they, (unsurprisingly), exempt themselves from,

Employ the most advanced, sophisticated technology and propaganda techniques ever devised to invade every nook and cranny of your personal life “for your own safety”,

Literally dictate who, among us, lives or dies so that they, and their friends, can profit,

Torture, imprison and kill those who point out any of the above.

Have a little think and feel free to get back to me.

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