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What. The. Actual. F…?



Pres. Nixon is implicated in attempts to gain political advantage by spying on his opponents. Despite considerable evidence, his guilt is still, to this day, contested by some.

Accepting that his position was untenable, he resigned.


Private communications of any (and, for all intents and purposes, every) citizen are routinely collected and examined for evidence of crimes past and present (and now even ‘future’), including the crime of ‘Maliciously Harbouring/Voicing Doubts about Government Conduct.’ or, the worst crime of all: ‘Disseminating Proof of Government Misconduct’.

‘Security’ cameras, installed on every street, survey private citizenry 24/7.

Police, once upon a time, were citizens entrusted to defend citizens. Now, they they are, apparently, a paramilitary arm of government taught to defend themselves from mere citizens with a ‘shoot first, just in case’ policy.

Hugely wealthy individuals, banks and corporations have made themselves so integral to the everyday function of society, (like an invasive vine, simultaneously undermining and supporting the shape of a structure), that political, personal, social and financial stability have become almost entirely dependent upon them.

(Inevitably, however, that vine will destroy the structure it once fed off and relied on for growth).

Citizens and foreign nationals are routinely executed without any lawful process or simply assassinated from the sky, along with anyone else unfortunate enough to be nearby, even within sovereign territory where the government has no jurisdiction nor permission to operate.

Citizens and servicemen, in Nixon’s time, rose up and demonstrated against what they saw as the illegal war in Vietnam. Often, these protests were violently put down and reported on by main stream news.

Today, anti-war protests, in the face of clear, even admitted, evidence of government complicity in crimes against humanity, are not only violently put down but barely make the main steam news.

I picture Nixon’s huge, ghostly face floating over the Whitehouse, looking around in utter disbelief and silently mouthing the words:

What… the… actual… fuck…?”

Today, citizens are duped by form-over-content, media-manipulated election processes presented in an ‘Apprentice’-like, dumbed-down, mass entertainment format.

They are then expected to trot out, mindlessly chanting whatever trite, banal slogan has been hammered into their semi-consciousness, and vote on the basis of which candidate ‘looked’, I repeat: ‘LOOKED’, more ‘presidential’.

And what are these noble, ‘presidential’-looking choices?

A woman, backed by obscene amounts of vested-interest, individual and corporate money, whose existence is over-shadowed by charges of corruption in public office, fraud, theft, treason and accessory to rape and murder. And also suspected to be suffering some form of brain impairment.

And a ‘businessman’ and ‘media personality’, also backed by big money interests, with a trail of four bankrupt companies in his wake, despite a 14m dollar kick-start from his daddy, whose followers revel in the most outrageous racism, sexism and bigoted diatribe because that is what will truly make their country ‘great’ again.

Nixon would be horrified.

More so, because these people are not only still being allowed to run, they are considered the BEST choices in the field.

Seriously, though…





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