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Jeremy Corbyn

What They Fear, They Try to Destroy.

What do establishment politicos do when faced with an honest, principled, committed servant of everyday people who inspires such a huge number of supporters?

Do they study this rarest of phenomena in order to learn what he is doing right?

Do they use this lesson to listen and learn what the vast majority of ordinary people want from those who are meant to serve them so that they can improve their own approach to public service?

Do they engage in any self-analysis or wonder how he has unified so many people while they, themselves, continue to be increasingly despised and distrusted?


They view it as a direct threat to their *their* power-base and *their* Right to Rule.

They employ every underhanded trick in the book to try and drive the cattle back into the pen.

The media ‘repeaters’ spout their biased scripts.

Long-discredited mouthpieces from the past are dragged before microphones to dribble their dire warnings into our ears.

And puppets and schills are thrust onto the stage to whimper any fear-mongering claptrap that will detract, distract and lure the more gullible away from the message of the real human being right before their eyes.

And bought and paid for, self-serving, self -promoting stooges, serving the very powers that just want the boat to stop rocking, put themselves forward as a ‘reasonable’ alternative.

What is best for the party is decided by the wishes of the membership.

And their views have repeatedly and consistently been made clear.

Listening to, respecting and serving the will of the people is democracy.

Unilaterally deciding what is ‘good’ for the people, despite their wishes, is another ideology altogether.

Although this has been a victory for *real* democratic power and I rejoice in Jeremy Corbyn’s (re-)election, the whole process has been tainted by this situation ever having arisen in the first place.

All that energy and momentum (no pun intended) redirected.

All the power games and game-rigging.

All that wasted time and distraction.

Perhaps, now that the Right-wing Lefties, Blairite/Tory sleeper agents and establishment schills have so clearly revealed themselves, they will display what little decency they have left and bugger off to the other side of the house where they truly belong.

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