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YouTube Reply 17-09-16

Does my continued presence here actually upset you, young *(name removed)*…?



I’ve never liked to leave a racist bigot unchallenged.

Because I’ve been actively involved in movements against racism, inequality, corruption and warmongering for many decades and you have, so far, exhibited all the characteristics of all the tabloid-indoctrinated, hate-filled, pond-scum I have encountered along the way.

If you want people to understand your view, let alone agree or sympathise, your goal will not be achieved by employing racist/sexist abuse, bigotry, personal insults, assumptions, homophobia, opinions dressed as fact, hate-speech or presuming that using CAPS followed by dozens of exclamation marks renders what you say ‘intimidating’.

It just makes you look like a kid in the corner throwing a tantrum.

So, while you may have a cross-burning to attend this week, I suggest you take a time-out and learn the not-so-subtle differences between the views of the global Jewish population and the human-rights abuses of the State of Israel or the views of the global Muslim population and the extremist actions of I.S.

Or, better still, the views of the vast majority of the world’s population regarding US foreign policy.

That way you’ll gain what is commonly referred to as ‘perspective’ instead of resorting to scatter-gunning your ill-informed bile at everyone in range, you sad and angry little man.

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